Terms and Conditions

System Warranty

  1. This is to certify that any products supplied by Meco Homes will have any manufacturer’s warranty fully supported if the system has been properly used and maintained throughout the warranty period.
  2. Products installed and services provided by the named Mechanical and Electrical installer above are warranted for a period of two years against defects in workmanship, subject to the Installer agreeing to remedy any defective workmanship without charge within two years from the date of the initial installation, within two weeks after notice is given.
  3. The warranty covers defects in workmanship but does not include defects or damages attributable to normal weathering or defects or damages caused by: accidents, fire, lightning, flood, earthquake, windstorms, windborne objects, ice, hail, or by vandalism, riot, civil disorder, or harmful fumes, vapours or chemical pollutants or air pollution, mildew, fungus, or salt from the atmosphere or from any other source, building settlement or structural failure of roof, walls, foundations or any part of the attached structure, or any other causes beyond Meco Homes control including “Acts of God”.
  4. Meco Homes shall not be liable for injury to persons or damage to building or contents, or for incidental, special or consequential damages for breach of any written or implied warranty on defects in workmanship.
  5. Normal wear and tear is excluded from this warranty.


Information and Permissions Required

  1. i)  Before the Company can produce The Quotation, it will have been necessary for The Client, or their advisors and contractors, to provide certain information, which will have been used to calculate and specify the goods and services. This information will be recorded by The Company and taken as correct. If it is subsequently found to be wrong The Company shall not accept any liability for the goods and services that may be affected. Furthermore, The Client agrees to pay The Company any extra costs it may incur because of wrong information supplied.
  2. ii)  The Client shall be solely responsible for checking with their advisors that any ground works which The Company have specified in The Quotation will have no detrimental effect on any foundations, structures or underground services and for providing accurate details of underground services routes.
  3. iii)  The Client shall be responsible for obtaining any necessary permission from any statutory or other bodies that may be required for the installation of the goods and services. This includes obtaining planning and building control permissions that may be required.
  4. iv)  The Company is deemed to have permission to use the Client’s site as a reference site and for marketing material.
  5. v)  The Company will collect some Personal Information as defined by the Data Protection Act. This is to allow The Company to administer the Contract properly and to keep The Client informed about matters to do with renewable energy.


Contract Obligations

This contract complies with our obligations as members of both the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC) and the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).

(a) The Renewable Energy Consumer Code

The aim of the Consumer Code is to guarantee a high-quality experience for consumers wishing to buy or lease small-scale energy generation systems for their homes. The Code is backed by the Trading Standards Institute (TSI) as part of a self-regulation initiative: The Consumer Codes Approval Scheme. Members of RECC agree to comply with the Code. See www.recc.org.uk for more information.

(b) The Microgeneration Certification Scheme

MCS membership demonstrates compliance to industry standards that companies strive to meet. Membership highlights to consumers that companies are able to consistently install to the highest quality every time.

(c) Building Control

We will register the work we do with the relevant authorities for Building Control as a part of our membership of approved “Competent Persons” schemes. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have all necessary Planning Permissions and that other contractors you employ register their work for Building Control.

Installation Standards

As mentioned above we are members of the RECC and follow their code of conduct. Meco Homes is a certified installer under the government endorsed MCS scheme that is managed by NICEIC. In order to be certified to this scheme we have to adhere to the Microgeneration Installation Standard. Should you wish to look at these then the standards can be found at www.microgenerationcertification.org.

Acceptance of Proposal

If you wish to proceed then you must sign and return this Contract.

Please read these terms carefully before signing them. If you need any explanations about them please contact us using the address or telephone number provided.

This agreement is governed by English law and the English courts or by the law and the courts governing where your property is if this is outside England or Wales.

*Social policy conditions

The installation of energy-saving materials in residential accommodation is reduced rated when any one of the social policy conditions is satisfied.
1. The supply of the installation is to a ‘qualifying person’ in the qualifying person’s sole or main residence. A qualifying person is

defined in legislation as a person who is aged 60 or over, or is in receipt of one of the following benefits:

Child Tax Credit (other than the family element), Council Tax Benefit, Disability Living Allowance, Disablement Pension, Housing Benefit, Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income Support, War Disablement Pension, Working Tax Credit

  1. The supply of the installation is to a ‘relevant housing association’ as defined in legislation which includes a registered social landlord and registered housing association.
  2. The residential accommodation is a building or part of a building used solely for a ‘relevant residential purpose’ as defined in legislation. This includes children’s homes, care homes and accommodation for the armed forces.


Our Main Obligation

Our main obligation to you is to do the work with all reasonable skill and care according to the standards set by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and according to the timetable set out in the Quote. Under the MCS scheme, only certified companies can enter into a contract with a customer for the sale and installation of a system. Our MCS Certification number is: NIC600220

We agree to carry out the design and commissioning work with all reasonable skill and care in the planning, supply of goods and commissioning of the system described in the Quotation. The goods we supply will:
• be of satisfactory quality;
• be fit for purpose; and

  • operate as we described to you.


The Timetable

The approved Installer will carry out the installation work to an agreed timetable. Your acceptance of these terms indicates that you agree to proceed using that timetable. We will make every effort to complete the work by the time agreed with you. You must appreciate, however, that sometimes delays may occur for reasons beyond our control. Such reasons may include, for example, severe weather. We cannot be held responsible for those delays. If such delays occur, we will tell you as soon as possible and we will adjust the timetable by written agreement.


Consequence of delay caused by us

In the case of severe delays to the delivery of goods or installation for reasons that are within our control then you can cancel the contract as detailed in this Contract.


Consequences of delay caused by you

We will seek to accommodate small delays without recourse to compensation.

If any delay caused by you means that we incur extra costs then we will adjust the price accordingly. The hourly and daily costs that result from any unexpected work are available on request.


Our Other Obligations

We will carry out the work and all communication with you according to the Consumer Code.

  • We will ensure that the installation complies with the relevant MCS installer standard which in this case is MIS 3005.
  • Once the installed system is commissioned, we will give to you any guarantees, test certificates and other relevant paperwork related to your goods and installation. We will aim to give you this when the system is commissioned but certainly no later than seven days after commissioning.
  • We will also give you all of the documentation required as detailed in the appropriate Microgeneration Installation Standard. If it is a requirement of the appropriate MIS installer standard, this will include the certificate showing that the installation has been registered with the MCS Installation Database. We will give you this within 10 working days of the commissioning date.

The guarantees we give you will cover the goods and installation and will comply with the Consumer Code and are as set out in the section labelled “System Warranty”.


Your Main Obligation

Your main obligation to us is to make the payments due to us and these are set out in the order listing above.


Consequences of late payment

If you fail to pay the amount specified in an invoice by the due date then we may charge interest until the full amount is paid. The interest rate we charge will be 4% above the base rate set by the Bank of England.


Supply of services

The Client shall provide at no cost to The Company and its sub-contractors the following unless specified otherwise in The Quotation:

i  Off loading and secure dry storage of goods and materials at The Site.

ii  Water supplies as described in The Quotation.

iii  Removal of any surplus materials, packaging and spoil from The Site.

iv  Temporary electrical supply and lighting to working areas.

v  Toilet, wash room, first aid and messing facilities.

vi  Permanent electrical and plumbing connections as specified in The Quotation.

vii  On first commissioning a representative of the Client shall be available to accept and sign-for responsibility for The System.

viii  Attendance during commissioning of The System by the Client’s electrician and plumber may be required. The Company will give reasonable notice to The Client if and when it is required. The Client shall be responsible for making and paying for arrangements with such electricians and plumbers.

ix  The Quotation is based upon The Site being ready and in a fit state for The Company to proceed immediately with their work upon arrival at The Site. The Company reserves the right to make additional charges for any and all waiting time or time lost as a result of The Site not being ready at agreed dates and times.


Additional charges

Should you be in breach of the conditions set out in this Contract you may incur additional costs due to delay and/or provision of additional services. You may be required to pay reasonable compensation to cover those extra costs.


Change of Work

If, after signing the contract, you want to change the work, you must consult with us first. We may be able to incorporate your changes into the installation provided that:
• it is technically possible;
• we have the necessary resources, and

  • the necessary permissions are in place.


If we agree to this change of work you must:

  • confirm your request in writing; and,
    • do so within 14 days of when you first tell us.


We will then adjust the price:

  • by written agreement beforehand, if possible; or if not then
    • by later written agreement; or if not then
    • by referring to any priced documents, if this applies; or if not then • by a reasonable amount for the work done or goods supplied.

Every change that means extra or revised work (as opposed to changes that leave something out) may mean extra costs. We will try to keep those costs to a minimum.


Unexpected Work

In the event of unexpected specification changes, delays or otherwise that could not be predicted at the time of this quotation, Meco Homes  reserves the right to charge £250 per day (or part thereof) plus suitable expenses. Where unexpected work arises, we will tell you and ask how you want us to proceed.


Ownership of goods

  1. The Client shall be responsible for the safe keeping of any goods delivered by the Company or a third party acting on the Company’s behalf from the moment that they are delivered. These materials will need to be kept in a dry, secure storage area and made available to The Company when required.
  2. In the event that any goods are delivered but not paid for by The Client they shall remain the property of The Company. The Client shall be responsible for their safekeeping identifying them as the property of The Company until such time as they are paid for in full. The Company shall have authority to retake, sell or otherwise deal with and/or dispose of all or any part of such goods that are not paid for. The Company and its agents shall be entitled at any time and without the need to give notice to enter upon any premises upon which the goods or any part are stored, or upon which The Company reasonably believes them to be stored.


Cancellation Your Rights

  1. You have the right to cancel this contract without penalty during the ‘cancellation period’ without giving any reason. Your cancellation period will last for 7 days after you sign this contract., provided that, with the knowledge and agreement of The Client, no goods have been ordered and no work has been commenced by The Company. Where the Client has requested a short completion date, it is accepted that no cooling off period will apply.
  2. In all other cases, if The Client notifies us in writing of his wish to cancel or terminate The Contract with us, all costs incurred The Company up to the date that the cancellation notice is received at Meco Homes offices will be chargeable to The Client, plus an additional administration fee of 5% of the full value of The Quotation. In this regard, costs include, but are not limited to, direct and indirect labour costs at The Company’s charge out rate, restocking charges for goods ordered or the full charge for such goods if The Company is unable to return them, design charges, out of pocket expenses and consumables used on The Contract.
  3. To cancel this contract, you must inform us of your decision by using the cancellation form provided or by a clear statement by letter sent by post or email to Meco Homes, 38 Watsons Walk, St Albans, Herts AL1 1PD Telephone No: 07813101920 or Email: info@mecohomes.co.uk


Our rights

If you are in serious breach of your obligations as set out in this Contract and you fail to remedy that breach within 14 days of receiving written notice from us about that breach, then we have a right to cancel the contract. We must give you reasonable opportunity to put right the alleged breach.

If we suffer a loss as a result of your breach of contract, we will take reasonable steps to prevent the loss from getting worse. If your breach of contract leads to a cancellation then you may have to pay compensation for reasonable costs or losses reasonably incurred.



We hope you won’t have any reason to complain about any aspect of our service. But if you do, please contact us on info@mecohomes.co.uk or on 07813101920.

If we cannot resolve your complaint, you may be able to complain to RECC. You can read about this here: