Why you should hire a green energy consultant when building a home

green energy consultants - enrgy design, build and install

What is a Green energy consultant?

A green energy consultant works closely with architects, developers and home builders to design sustainable heating and energy options into your projects. They aim to design renewable energy systems for your building needs. They’ll work with your team to find suppliers and installers. The key to a cost-effective renewable energy system is to design the technology into a building at an early stage.

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How will a green energy consultant help?

The process starts with a consultation and assessment of your sustainable building design to ensure it’s on the right track. At this stage, the technology you’re installing will be discussed and decided upon, and an early energy and design analysis will be completed before you go to planning, so you can make any crucial adjustments to your plans.

Once planning permission is granted, a loose specification will be drawn up, detailing where the technology is being placed, details for key building specifications and how it’s being integrated.

When the specification has been agreed, the small details are worked out, including the exact equipment being installed. If you’re using a turnkey service, such as Meco Homes, the equipment will be ordered and teams arranged for installation. 

Once this stage is complete, construction can begin. Your consultants should be on hand for key site meetings and to oversee the installation of any mechanical, electrical or plumbing systems in the building. At this stage, they will manage the project to ensure the systems complement the build. The technology is installed alongside the initial house built. Solar panels will be installed as the roof goes on, underfloor heating with the plumbing, etc.

Finally, at handover, you will be shown how to effectively manage and monitor your systems to ensure maximum life and minimal running costs from your equipment. 

How does this save me money?

Home installed solar panels now generate 1GW of electricity for the UK grid. Aside from the massive savings, you can make by generating your own power, green energy consultants will have more advanced knowledge about upcoming changes to energy policies, (such as the upcoming ban on gas boilers). They can prevent you from making expensive mistakes when equipment needs to be replaced just a few years after installation. They can help you avoid painful reapplications for planning by providing eco-friendly suggestions that are favourable to the majority of councils. Alongside this, they know of and can help you apply for specific bursaries and grants, which can save you thousands.

From 2025, gas boilers will be banned in new homes. Have you considered heat pumps instead?

Meco Homes are a leading green energy consultancy firm and can provide a complete turnkey service. Working closely with your architect and build team, to design, source and install your green energy system whilst your home is being built, will save you £££’s right from the start. 

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