Solar panel installation: Everything you need to know

Solar panel installation by professional installers

There has never been a better time to invest in green, renewable energy solutions. With the rising cost of energy tariffs, and the increase in pollution, more and more individuals are looking into improving their carbon footprint and creating their own sources of energy production. The most popular solution being solar panels.

Why Solar?

The UK enjoys, on average, 1400 sunny hours a year. This might not seem much compared to other areas of europe, but it’s still plenty enough to generate a good source of energy for your home.  Modern PV (Photovoltaic) panels are also capable of collecting energy on cloudy days. 

You can expect a Meco homes solar panel to generate an average of 2,400 KWh of energy per hour/day. The average UK household* uses around 4300 KwH electricity a year, which means fitting your roof with 6 panels could create over half of your energy requirements, and reduce your carbon emissions by a tonne a year. Better for you and the environment.

I want to install solar panels, what do I need?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need an exact south facing roof to have solar panels installed.  A south-easterly or south-westerly roof with a 30° pitch will still achieve 90% efficiency. For maximum efficiency, however, you want a south facing roof with a 40° pitch. There are other factors affecting the number of panels you can install, such as overhanging trees. 

Another item you will need for your pv panels is an inverter. This changes the solar panels direct current, produced by the sun’s energy, into alternative current that can then be used in your home. Inverters need to be placed somewhere cool, ideally a garage or basement, but they can also be fitted in utility rooms or even outside. 

What happens during the installation process?

After consultation, you’re just 5 steps away from a fully functioning renewable green energy supply.

Site evaluation

After your initial conversation Meco Homes will carry out a site investigation on your home. During this process we will work out how many solar panels are required. We will also use this time to plan out where the inverter and batteries will be stored, this will involve checking your attic and any outbuilding that might be suitable for storage.

Design approval

After the site evaluation, we’ll supply you with a design plan. This will include details such as the location of the panels and roof anchors, the electrical wiring plan, and the battery & inverter system plan.

Regulation approval

You may need DNO (District Network Operator) approval if you have a very big solar system. Meco homes will assist with any issues if your home is in a conservation area or listed.


This is a fairly quick process, usually requiring no more than two days, during which time scaffolding will be erected around your house. Your electrics may need to be turned off whilst wiring work is completed and you’re connected to the grid. 

MCS certification

Shortly after your install, once the electrician has done final checks and Meco Homes have registered your installation, you’ll receive your certification through the post.

Whether you’re new to green energy, or already have an established green energy system you’re looking to expand, Meco Homes are here to help. Call now or visit our website to book your initial consultation.


Do I need planning permission for solar panels?

9 out of 10 installations don’t require planning permission as they are considered ‘permitted development’. Exceptions to this are for installations on listed buildings, or in conservation areas. It’s best to check with your local planning authority for rules in your area.

How much maintenance will my solar panels need?

Beyond having a wash with soapy water once a year, your solar panels won’t need regular maintenance. You should check the anchor points whilst doing this to ensure the frame is still secure, and check that no cables have been nibbled or come loose.

Are there any Green Home Grants for PV solar systems?

No. There have not been any grants for solar installations since 2019.

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*based on the average 4 bed home