How to utilize your homes wasted space for renewable green energy production

Could this row of house make use of wasted space to produce renewable green energy?

The average UK household wastes around 15% of their homes’ utilisable space, that’s £170 a year spent on wasted energy*. Instead of spending out on these areas, Meco Homes looks at how you can transform them and utilise them to produce and provide your own, renewable, green energy.

Heat Pumps  

Heat pumps are a great option for homes with limited space. An 8kw unit, measuring approximately 90cm x 1m, will fit under the average window. Its cylinders measure just 68cm x 73cm x 125cm, fitting snugly into most attic spaces or airing cupboards. Heat pumps can heat your home to a cosy 28℃, and they’re not just for heating, they can also provide hot water up to a toasty 63℃ and most heat pumps have fantastic climate control abilities, making them ideal for use all year round.

Heat pumps work in a similar way to air conditioning units, but instead of wasting all the heat collected from the air around you, it is compressed and stored, ready to be used for heating and hot water. Around 75% of the energy required comes from the air, making them a fantastic renewable solution (especially when combined with an underfloor heating system) offering big reductions to CO2 emission, and saving you money on your bills.**

There are grants available through the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (Domestic RHI) for help towards heat pump installations, click here for more details.

PV Solar Panels

Solar panels are probably the most recognisable renewable green energy solution for homes, and with good reason, when fitted to south-facing roofs, solar panels are an extremely effective provider of green energy and can reduce your carbon emissions by up to a tonne per year. Modern PV solar panels are also effective at collecting energy on a cloudy day. A PV solar panel is a Photo Voltaic (PV) panel that uses an inverter to charge the solar panels direct current, produced by the sun’s energy, into an alternating current that can then be used in your home to power all your electrical appliances. If you have a larger system it’s definitely worth investing in a storage battery to store the unused electricity you produce during the day, you can then use it to power your home in the evening when energy is at its most expensive.

Most solar panels are also compatible with heat pumps for increased savings and efficiency.

Solar Electric battery

Although solar electric batteries don’t produce renewable green energy, they should definitely be considered alongside PV Solar Panel installations. When you install PV Solar panels onto your roof, most of the energy will be produced during the day, when your energy output is likely at its lowest. The solar electric battery will store the renewable energy produced ready for you to use in the evenings or mornings when most energy is needed.

Underfloor Heating

Under-floor heating is becoming increasingly popular in UK households as a comfortable and efficient way of heating your home. A well-insulated home can be designed with flow temperatures as low as 35℃ making underfloor heating incredibly efficient with high CoP (Coefficient of Performance) results that can be configured into a heat pump system. 

As underfloor heating utilises the entire (floor) area, overall efficiency is increased, saving money on your heating bills and improving your carbon footprint. It works by using low flow temperatures to slowly heat the floor to a comfortable level all day long.  

Transforming your home to be more sustainable might be daunting, but it’s easier than you think and Meco Homes are here to make the process as smooth and easy as possible. Get in touch today to find out more.





*Based on UK average £1138/pa energy bills

**vs traditional Gas boilers

***vs radiators