Home installed solar panels now generate 1GW of electricity for the UK grid

With the government subsidy for solar panels ending in 2019 many thought that would be the end of the solar industry. But as the pandemic took hold at the start of 2020 solar panel installations increased by 14% year on year. And now consist of 7% of the total installed capacity in the UK. That’s well over 3 million solar panels sitting nicely on roofs around the country, creating 1 GW of energy.

1GW of energy is a huge achievement to the renewable energy sector. That is 4 times the total amount of power created from the 116 wind turbine out at sea between Brighton and Worthing every year.

As we see solar panel prices fall Worldwide you can only expect this trend to increase over the next few years. It is now seen as a cheap, clean and economic way to help tackle climate change. With the increase in electric cars, PV panels will start to become impossible for developers to overlook in new builds and become standard in retrofits. And all this without government grants.