Green Homes grant to be scrapped

It is such a shame to see the Green Homes Grant scrapped after only 6 months. Renewable heating and energy companies have been working hard in educating the public in this new green heating revolution. But will now have to scale back on the retrofit market. Heat pumps are incredibly reliable, efficient and cost effective once installed. But the installation cost are higher as pipework and radiators need replacing. The units themselves are also more expensive than a standard boiler, so how can we persuade costumers to change without some form of financial incentive?

The BBC reported on Sunday that 65% of people didn’t change their heating with a low-carbon alternative because of the cost. And that was before the Green Homes Grant being scrapped. Government is going to have to help the renewable heating sector out until we can get the price of heat pumps and other renewable technology’s to as close to a standard boiler price. Until then we will not see the uptake in sustainable heating that is required to fight climate change. 14% of all the UK’s carbon emissions are from heating draughty, poorly insulated homes. This needs to change.