Cut VAT on green renewable heating and solar to help the fight against climate change

I hope the Treasury reverses their decision to put VAT on green goods such as solar technology and heat pumps this week. Both can be expensive install but give great financial returns once up and running. But its these initial costs that put so many costumers off, so a 20% discount will massively help in more installations of heat pumps and solar in the retrofit market.

If the government is serious about getting to its agreed 78% cut in carbon by 2035 it has to help the renewable industry out now that the Green Homes Grant has been abolished. Cutting the 20% VAT on green goods would make a huge difference to costumers that are deciding to replace a old boiler with a sustainable new one. 1.6 million boilers are replaced every year and at the moment only a fraction change to heat pumps or electric options. This is nearly always down to the cost of changing over. You often need new pipework and radiators. So the government needs to help the costumers out financially. 

14% of the UK carbon comes from heating our homes so helping renewable heating technology’s out by tax cuts is a good long term investment by the government.