Can the government get 600,000 homes to improve their energy efficiency by 2025?

Could this row of house make use of wasted space to produce renewable green energy?

It was good to see the government talking about their aim to get all new builds to produce 75-80% less carbon dioxide than buildings built to current specifications by 2025. And that all homes should be ‘zero carbon ready’. 

A government spokesperson said: “We are improving the quality of housing across the country by ensuring new homes adhere to strict energy efficiency standards, which will help us meet our target of net zero emissions by 2050. Retrofitting homes can have a positive impact on both jobs and the climate, which is why we are investing £2bn in the green homes grant scheme. This will help with the costs of energy efficiency upgrades in 600,000 English homes, so households can cut their bills and emissions.”

But will this be enough? At meco Homes we want all homes to be zero carbon by 2030 and have a design team ready to design renewable heating systems for existing property’s so that they can be easily converted into a 100% carbon neutral home. Ring us to get a free quote. 07813101920