Bigger solar panels are not always better

As reported by, earlier this month, at a joint conference of two solar technology industry groups, the topic of solar panel size came up. Dennis She, SVP of LONGi Solar, gave an interesting presentation on the ups and downs of larger solar panels, concluding that bigger sizes aren’t always better.

The 30th International Photovoltaic Science and Engineering Conference (PVSEC-30) & Global Photovoltaic Conference 2020 (GPVC 2020) were held on November 8 as a joint hybrid event, based out of Jeju, South Korea. reports ultra-high-power modules come with lower levelized cost of energy and balance of system (BoS) costs, aiming to deliver high power performance and long-term reliability. High-power modules based on larger size silicon wafers is one of the technology streams for many companies to improve the performance of their products.