8 Reasons for getting a new electric boiler

Electric boilers are fast becoming a viable and sustainable source of heating for British home owners. Here is 8 reasons why.

1 Easy to install. As they have no flue they can be places anywhere in the home.

2 100% efficient, so no waste energy.

3 Fewer moving parts, so do not go wrong as often as a gas alternative and they need less maintenance. 

4 As they do not burn off any gas, they do not release any carbon monoxide gas, which can be deadly if it leaks out into the building.

5 Very quiet to run as there is no combustion noise created in heating the water system.

6 If used with clean low carbon renewable energy from the main grid or PV solar panels of the homes roof, they are an incredibly clean space and water heating solution.

7 Electric boilers integrate easily and efficiently into retrofit homes and they can use existing radiators and pipes. 

8 For every £1 you spend you get £1 of heating!

Electric boilers will be a great option now that the UK energy grid is becoming 100% renewable! Let us at Meco Homes give you a quote?