3 easy ways to power your home with renewable energy

1. Change your old un-efficient gas boiler for greener options. 

Electric boilers are incredibly efficient and 100% green as they do not burn gas, and now Britain is getting nearly all its electricity from renewable sources such as wind, solar or biomass its becoming a very green option. Air source heat pumps get 75% of their energy from heat stored in the outside air so for every 1kW of electricity you use to heat your home you get 4kWh of heat energy. So saving you and your family up to 2.7 tonnes of CO2 a year.

2. Insulate your home.

Just by insulating you home better will make a massive difference. As less heat escapes your home you can reduce the temperature you heat your home by just 1oC and not notice a difference. By just reducing your family heating by 1oC  will save nearly a tonne of CO2 emissions a year and save you money.

3. Put solar photovoltaic panels on your roof. 

If you have a south facing roof you can benefit from using the sun to power your home during the day and store that energy in batteries so you can use it at night to power your electric car or heat your home.