3 easy and cheap ways to improve sustainable living

Change to energy saving light bulbs, this easy change will save you 70% less energy to light your home. An average house uses 6% of its total energy use on lighting. So will save you’re a total of 4% on your yearly electrical bill saving you money and the environment.

Reduce the temperature of your home. On average we keep our homes heated in winter to 20C, this is actual only good for elderly people and we should be looking at an ideal temperature of  18-19C. This one degree reduction will save you a huge £85 off your heating bill each year (Npower). But if everyone in the UK did this small decrees the UK would save 1.18 million tonnes of CO2!

Insulate you home. The cheapest and easiest way is loft insulation, you can even get sustainable sheep wool loft insulation now that is biodegradable. 

Or just draught proofing your home. This will save you at least £20 per year in energy bills and will also allow you to reduce your homes heating temperature down by 1C so saving CO2. Its easy to do, survey all your doors and windows and look for gaps, fill or tap up. Put a letterbox plates on your letterbox and keyhole covers to the front door. Use Draught excluders and draught tap for other external doors. 

All of these easy to do options cost very little money but save energy and CO2.