2 Bed Terrace House + 3 PV Solar panels + 6kW Heat Pump = 9p/kWh

Meco Homes wanted to work out if it could run a heat pump at the same cost of a gas boiler in a normal 2 bed terrace house. 

Using a 6kW heat pump to heat the water and space in the house, 3 solar panels on the roof and the using Octopus Energy Agile Tariff we got it down to 1.6p/kWh. So much cheaper than Gas.

The cheapest gas price we found online was Zog Energy at 2.52p/kWh.

We used 3 X 385W Solar panels that produce 1.2kWh of energy during a sunny day, so off set 40% of the cost using renewable solar energy. And averaged the Octopus Agile tariff during the rest of the time and worked this out at 9p/kWh. 

This proves that renewable heating can work and be cheaper than gas boilers at heating homes in the UK. With 1.6 million boilers replaced every year we can make a massive difference by changing our old gas boilers for cleaner new renewable electric heat pumps.