Underfloor Heating

Under floor heating is becoming increasingly popular in UK households as a comfortable and efficient way of heating your home. It works by using low flow temperatures to slowly heat the floor to a comfortable level all day long. So you do not need radiators anymore gaining more wall space in your home.

No need for radiators taking up wall space

Increased air quality

Super efficient

Why choose underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating

Under floor heating creates a gentle radiative heat instead of convection heat that pushes heat away from its emitter. This gives you a much better feeling of comfort and better air quality.

If you have a well-insulated home you can design your flow temperature to run as low as 35oC making underfloor heating incredibly efficient with high CoP (Coefficient of Performance) results that can be designed into a heat pump system. 

You are heating a large (floor) area, which is much bigger than a radiator, this makes the whole system up to 25% more efficient.  Which is great for the environment and also saves you money on your heating bills.


Underfloor heating and heat pumps

Heat pumps work really well with underfloor heating. You can actually get the best CoP (Coefficient of Performance) results when combining these two systems together. We can design you a system for retrofit projects and new build homes.

Take a look at our heat pumps page to find out more about the services we can offer. 

Planning for underfloor heating limitations

Underfloor heating does have a few disadvantages which you will need to plan for. 

The system can be slow to respond to your controls. This is because you are heating up such a large area, so it is slow to cool down and to heat up. This can be sorted out by a good thermostat and planning the timing of turning on your system to suit your lifestyle. If you get up at 7am for example, you should be turning your system on an hour or two before. 

You will also have to check that the carpets you plan to put down will work with your underfloor heating system. Some will stop the heat passing through efficiently which can cause problems. Best to check this before installation.

Let's save together!

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