PV Solar Solutions

Maximise the potential of your roof with highly efficient PV solar panels to get free green energy from the sun.

How do PV solar panels work?

Solar panel installation by professional installers

PV solar panels transfer energy from the sun’s rays into green free electricity that you can then use to heat your home or charge your electric car. This technology has improved incredibly fast over the last few years, and now the panels are hugely efficient at trapping the suns energy so even the smallest roofs can get all your family’s energy needs.

At Meco Homes we only use the best and most efficient panels in our renewable heating systems because we want to get your home as close to 100% carbon neutral as we can.

We link the solar panels to smart electric storage batteries so that you and your family can use the free green energy you have gained during the day even when the sun has gone down.

Savings and benefits of PV solar

When linked to our renewable heating system, it allows your home to become more carbon efficient, saving tonnes of carbon every year.

New high efficiency solar panels means that you can still get energy even on a cloudy day.

They will save you money on your energy bills as you will be using the free energy from the sun.

Very low maintenance as they do not have many moving parts.

PV solar solutions FAQ's

We know choosing the right renewable home solution can be daunting. This is why we have created a resource with the common questions we get asked about PV solar solutions, to support you in choosing the right solution.  

Panel Specifications

  • Efficiency: 19.4%
  • Width: 798mm
  • Height: 1,580mm
  • Depth: 35mm

Let's save together!

If you’re ready to start saving the planet and reducing your home energy costs, then we’d love to hear from you.

We have a specialist finance team that are trained to sort out the best package for your project. This will depend on the size of project and the amount needed. Complete their eligibility calculator for more information.