Our energy saving team offer a free survey from one our qualified surveyors that asses your property and will give you the best options on how to reduce your CO2 output and heating bills through insulating your house.

We as a company want to help UK residents to reduce heat and energy loss in doing so saving you money on your fuel bills. Just by insulation your loft could save you £250 to £400 per year in heating costs and save 920kg of CO2.

We guarantee top quality, professional installation by skilled workman who are all approved industry contractors.

Meco Homes installs Sheep Wool Insulation because it is a natural and sustainable insulation, is highly breathable so helps the build up of harmful moisture and reduces noise transfer.

Long lasting

Safe to handle

Regulates moisture

Why insulate your home?

Insulation fitters

Your home loses 35% of its heat through the walls and 25% through the roof.

By insulating both, you save money on your heating bills. You are also reducing your homes carbon footprint as you do not need to use as much energy to heat the home. 

You can save nearly a tonne of CO2 a year by simply insulating your roof and walls.  

What we offer

At Meco Homes, we believe that insulating your home is the most important part of our renewable heating system. 

We install floor, wall and roof sheep wool insulation. We use this as it’s sustainable, recyclable, has great thermal properties, and is highly breathable so you will not get problems of moisture retention.

Cost savings and benefits of insulating

Reduce your carbon footprint

The average house will save 920kg of Co2 a year simply from insulating the roof.

Save energy

You will save energy because you will be able to heat your home at a lower temperature to get the same results, as less heat is escaping through the walls and ceiling.

Save money on your heating bills

By insulating the roof and walls, an average home can save £250-400 per year, so you will repay the investment in 2/3 years.

Make your property quieter

Sheep wool insulation has high sound reduction properties, so great for absorbing sound. Just 75mm insulation can reduce outside noise by 40dB.


  • Thickness (mm) 50, 75, 100, 140
  • Great thermal conductivity
  • List Item #3Excellent acoustic properties
  • Made in the UK with British wool
  • Can be recycled and is sustainable