Electric boilers

Let us design a zero carbon renewable heating system for your home, so you can be up to 100% carbon free home of the future and help the climate crisis.

Reduce your family homes CO2 output by up to 2.7 tonnes by switching from your old gas boiler to an electric boiler or change to a heat pump system.

Up to 100% carbon free

Replace your gas boiler for an electric boiler

99% efficiency rate

Benefits of switching to an electric boiler


99% efficiency rate makes them the most energy efficient boilers on the market

Benefits from getting the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

Help conserve the environment, As the UK is now aiming to get its electricity from 100% renewable energy by 2030 electricity from the grid is becoming a clean energy form so is way better than burning gas.

Smaller than a gas boiler and as they do not burn any fuel do not need a flume so can be put anywhere in the house.

Safer as they don’t produce carbon monoxide that can be released by leaking gas boilers. So will not release poisonous gases into your home.

Reduce your maintenance costs. As electric boilers have less parts, so less likely to break down and are less dangerous they do not need to be serviced every year.


As you are reliant on electricity to power the boiler you will most likely be using it when electricity is at its most expensive, in the morning and evening. To offset this, we offer a PV solar system that allows your home to capture the sums energy throughout the day for your family to use at peak energy times for free. It will also make you a zero carbon household of the future. And help dramatically reduce the greenhouse gases your family produce.

Electric boiler

Savings and finance

We have a specialist team that can sort out your financing of the renewable energy scheme you chose for your house.