Electric Boilers & Heat Pumps

We install electric boilers and heat pumps to help reduce your homes carbon footprint.

Electric boilers are incredibly efficient at 99.9% and release no green house gasses into the environment so are a very good green option if your are looking at making your home carbon neutral and save the planet.

By changing to a electric boiler an average family of 4 can save up to 2.7 tonnes of CO2 per year.

At the moment electricity is more expensive than gas to heat your home so we suggest you integrate it into a PV solar & smart storage system to take advantage of the suns free energy to compensate this cost and in the end save you money.

Electric boilers have zero risk of a carbon monoxide leak so a safer option too.

As they have Fewer moving parts, meaning there’s less chance of a developing faults and you do not need to service them every year.

We offer a free green energy survey on your home to find out what would be the best boiler or heat pump for your property.

Zero risk of carbon monoxide leak

Reduced servicing costs

Super Efficient

PV Solar Solutions

We offer a wide range of PV Solar options which we incorporate into a smart electric battery storage unit that is best suited for your home so you can use the free energy that you have generated throughout the day from the sun anytime you or your family want it, saving you money and the environment.

We use only the most efficient solar panels so that you can get the maximum solar energy out of your roof space. This will allow you to generate much more electricity for you to store and use when you and your family want to. Saving you money and the environment.

We offer a free green energy survey on your home to find out what would be the best PV solar solution for your home.

Maximise your roof space

Efficiently stored in latest battery technology

Super Efficient


At Meco Homes, we believe that insulating your home is the most important part of our renewable heating system. 

We install floor, wall and roof sheep wool insulation. We use this as it’s sustainable, recyclable, has great thermal properties, and is highly breathable so you will not get problems of moisture retention.

We offer a free survey from one of our qualified surveyors who asses your property and give you the best options on how to reduce your CO2 output and heating bills through insulating your house.

Reduce your carbon footprint on average 920kg of Co2 a year

Save an average of £250-400 per year on heating bills

Make your property quieter

Solar Electric Battery Storage

We install electric smart batteries so you can store the energy you produce from your PV solar panels throughout the day to use when you need it, which is usually in the evenings when you are home more often. This also helps you save money as you keep your free electricity instead of putting it back into the National Grid system during the day when you get a bad price for it. 

Zero risk of carbon monoxide leak

Reduced servicing costs

Super Efficient

Electric Car Charging

We install electric car charging ports to your home. To help save you money charging your car we can link your charging ports to PV solar panels on your roof and smart electric storage batteries so you can charge your car with free green energy when ever you need it. Day or night. 

Quick and easy installation

Tidy and unobtrusive

Super Efficient

Government Grants

The government is currently offering the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme to support the public to switch to more renewable heating sources. People who join the scheme and adhere to the scheme guidelines, receive quarterly payments for seven years for the amount of clean, green renewable heat it’s estimated their system produces.