Green Energy and Heating Consultant

As a leading green energy consultant, Meco Homes works closely with architects, developers and home builders to design sustainable heating and energy options into your projects. 

We aim to design a renewable energy system for your building needs. On the first consultation we will discuss the plans and requirements of the project and come up with a renewable heating and energy plan.

Once the design of the scheme is finalised we will work with you through the whole project, installing the solar panels when the roof is going on, and laying the underfloor heating when the floor is going down. Before finally installing the heat pump so that the plumber can connect to it.

The key to a cost effective renewable energy system is to design the technology into a building at an early stage.

Our Green Energy Services

You can be assured that we will use our experience and expertise to design the system that is best suited for your project. We will oversee the install ensuring you get the renewable energy solution to meet your needs. 

There are many different stages to a renewable heating and energy system that need to be planned. From liaising with builders and architects to making sure that the build runs smoothly. With Meco Homes supporting you, all this will be planned out for you to make it as easy and stress free as possible.

Take a look at our full list of green energy services below.

Green energy consultant

Heat Pumps

We design and install heat pumps systems that are incredibly energy efficient to help reduce your homes carbon footprint.

We can also design your heat pump system to incorporate your PV solar panels on your property roof, so you can use the energy from the sun to power your heat pump.

Zero risk of carbon monoxide leak

Reduced servicing costs

Super efficient

PV Solar Solutions

We provide a wide range of efficient PV Solar options which we incorporate into a smart electric battery storage unit allowing you to use the energy generated from the sun anytime you want it. This will mean you generate much more electricity to store and use, saving you money and the environment.

We offer a free green energy survey on your home to find out what would be the best PV solar solution for your home.

Maximise your roof space

Efficiently stored in latest battery technology

Low maintenance


At Meco Homes, we believe that insulating your home is the most important part of our renewable heating system. 

We install floor, wall and roof sheep wool insulation. We use this as it’s sustainable, recyclable, has great thermal properties, and is highly breathable so you will not get moisture retention.

We provide a free survey to asses your property and give you the best insulation options to reduce your CO2 output and heating bills.

Reduce your carbon footprint on average 920kg of Co2 a year

Save an average of £250-400 per year on heating bills

Make your property quieter

Solar Electric Battery Storage

We install electric smart batteries so you can store the energy you produce from your PV solar panels throughout the day to use when you need it. 

This helps reduce your energy bills as you store your free electricity instead of putting it back into the National Grid system during the day when you don’t get the best price for it. 

Zero risk of carbon monoxide leaks

Reduced servicing costs

Super efficient

Electric Car Charging Ports

We install electric car charging ports to your home to provide a convenient and cost effective charging solution.

To help save you money charging your car, we can link your charging ports to PV solar panels on your roof and smart electric storage batteries so you can charge your car with free green energy when ever you need it. Day or night. 

Quick and easy installation

Tidy and unobtrusive

Link to your solar energy to provide a zero carbon charging source

Electric Boilers

Electric boilers are incredibly efficient at 99.9% and release no green house gasses into the environment. Therefore, they are a great green option if your are looking at making your home carbon neutral and save the planet.

Electric boilers also have fewer moving parts, meaning there’s less chance of a developing faults and you do not need to service them every year.

Zero risk of carbon monoxide leak

Reduced servicing costs

Super efficient with an average family of 4 saving up to 2.7 tonnes of CO2 per year

Underfloor Heating

Under floor heating is a comfortable and efficient way of heating your home. 

It works by using low flow temperatures to slowly heat the floor to a comfortable level all day long. So no radiators needed giving you more wall space in your home.

Increased air quality

No need for radiators

Super efficient

About Meco Homes

Based in St Albans, Meco Homes is a growing business that has a wealth of experience and expertise improving the energy efficiency of homes.

You can be assured all of our products are Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certified and the best quality, ensuring you get a system that will not only be efficient, but reliable too.

As a company we are helping to combat climate change. To support this, we have pledged as a company to dedicate 5% of our profits to tree planting in our local area of Hertfordshire. 

Green energy consultant Meco Homes

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